Friends of Concordia are a hugely-valued body and form a vital part of the set-up of the choir.  With the support of the Friends we are able to realistically plan for ambitious and exciting concerts and tours, maintaining a consistently high level of music making for all.  Performing choral music is expensive with costs ranging from venue fees and music hire to soloists and accompanist fees.  Initially, these costs are funded by subscriptions from choir members, but with the additional support of the Friends of Concordia scheme we are able to tackle bigger things: concerts in more sought-after venues, high-profile tours, and further work with professional soloists and orchestras.

The Friends of Concordia will be valued supporters and by joining the scheme you will:

Friends will receive: 

Subscriptions for 2010-2011 are: 

If you would like to become a Friend of The Concordia Chamber Choir, simply complete the application form below.  Alternatively, if you would like more information about The Friends of Concordia Chamber Choir, please contact us at the address enclosed in the document below:

>> Friends of Concordia Chamber Choir application form


Friends of Concordia:

Jane Benham
Peter Blower
Kathleen Boyle
Jane Burlinson
Jim & Thelma Caughey

James Cleall-Harding & family
Wynne Evans

Adam & Cinzia Greaves
Janet & Norman Hamblyn

Andrew Hodgkiss
Julie John
John MacAuslan
Joy Layton
Priscilla Macpherson

Roger & Diana May
Liam McNieve
Margaret Murray
Sonia Phippard
Muriel Preston
David Riches
Sian Saunders
Iain Saville
Richard Shearman
Kate & Royston Stokes

Maureen Swift

Alison Todd
Janet Wallace

Joyce Wallis

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